Sunny Days, Sunny Smiles

“Es gibt Kinder, deswegen müssen wir warten.” (“We have to wait because there are kids around.”) My conversation partner and I were walking around Munich, enjoying the lovely weather, and had just come to a crosswalk. Although pedestrian signal was red, there were no cars coming (so we could have safely crossed) but Lisa explained … Continue reading Sunny Days, Sunny Smiles


International Inferences

“PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA!” My friends and I burst out of my room and skipped down the hall to go check on our hausgemachte (homemade) pizza we were baking that afternoon while relaxing and watching Netflix together. One of my hall mates happened to see us and shook his head at our crazy excitement. My hall … Continue reading International Inferences

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

“We should have counted how many times they asked us to buy selfie sticks.” This past weekend, Amanda and I traveled to Rome. Since it is a very popular tourist location, local merchants stand along the streets in front of the most popular attractions and advertise their items. These include beautiful jewelry, small trinkets, polymer … Continue reading Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost


All Aboard! This Train is Headed to…

“I guess we’ll just have to see where this train takes us.” This past week, Deutsche Bahn and the S-Bahn (the main train system and half of the metro system) were on strike, meaning that only about half of trains were running. Not exactly the most fun scenario, but thankfully, I take U-Bahn to get … Continue reading All Aboard! This Train is Headed to…


It’s the Little Things in Life

“Do y’all know how they mow the grass in the English Garden?” On this particular Monday evening, several of us were hanging out and eating delicious crepes (many thanks to Amanda for her hospitality). Amidst the laughter and impersonations (of each other), one of my friends pulled out her iPod and showed us pictures from … Continue reading It’s the Little Things in Life


A Lesson Learned in Time

“That means we’ll get to the top in no time!” Ten of us were hiking to the top of Neureuth, a small peak above Tegernsee Lake in the Alps. There were several routes we could take, and at each crossroads of our well-marked trail, signs told us how much time it would take us to … Continue reading A Lesson Learned in Time


Springtime Celebrations

“Super Bayern, Super Bayern, HEY! HEY! Super Bayern, Super Bayern, HEY! HEY!”  The crowd erupted each time FC Bayern München (Munich’s home team—very popular and very good; many of the players were on the team that won the World Cup) spectacularly scored against FC Porto (a Portuguese team) on Tuesday. The game ended 6 – … Continue reading Springtime Celebrations